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strange thangs be hapnin on public land

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strange thangs be hapnin on public land

Post by vortex1 on Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:24 am

Its me again margret:) Now i know to the die hard public land bowhunter who is in the woods for as much and as long as possible, he's gonna see a strange thing or 2. Now here in alabama we have a variety of hunters, most of which count down to rifle season but bowhunters are becoming more numerous; but there is always that one that makes you go " uh oh, theres his truck"Smile. just kidding, but ive seen alot of stuff go down here on these alabama wma's, one of which happened to me this past season. In sumter county there is a large amount of army corps of engineer public land and it is a fine place to hunt,one day in particular me,my brother,and ou cousin walked aloooong ways back into one of our spots. now me and my brother scouted out places to hunt so he went one way and i decided to put my cousin in a spot because he had never been there before, and he was an older feller so i was gonna help him out so he got set up and decided id try to be sneaky and hunt from the ground so i brushed myself in a cedar tree and i was hid reeeeeal goood:) now not to far from her was the property boundry but i was a pretty good peice from it. now i sat there when i heard someting coming,turned out to be a pack of treein feists with three fellers follerin them totin shotguns ( squirrel hunters). Now i was on this archery only land and they were on their private land so i bit my tounge and stayed quiet. well we had parked the truck in the designated parking area off the highway which just so happened to be directly across from this dudes acess road. so him and his buddies leave. and thirty minutes later here he comes back right on the line of the public land with his gun hollerin "HERE DEER DEER DEER..." makin me think this guy has lost his marbles. well he walked out of sight and while he was gone two does walked out on the feild (was huntin on a big green feild) the whole time i was thinkin yum dinner, the deer looked at the bottom of the feild all spooked like, so i looked to this fool is standin in the feild with a shotgun on archery only land wavin his arms and screamin at the top of his lungs and he RUN the deer out of the feild well this sends me into a different kind of mad ive never been in before so i commence to ask him WHAT IN THE WOOOORLD ARE YOU DOIN? Then he sceams at me like i did something wrong and says your truck is parked on my land. so naturally i thought this guy is cazy so i told him im parked in the acess area and he said no your not your on my land. well at this point i was so mad i couldnt see strait so i said Mr. could you come here for a second. and said no so i started to walk towards him at which he turned and run away from me as fast as his little cowardly legs would carry i rounded my family members up and e headed back to tha truck where he is holdin my brothers pickup at gunpoint. and he comenced to tell us that the state of alabama had given him the ride of way where the truck is and that he had called the police to come arrest us. at this point i had to get in the truck because it wouldnt have done me nooooooooo good to hurt that little feller. soo as bad as i didnt want to we did the right thing and left him there and went back to our camp and called up the proper authoritie who big surprise told us they had know idea what that guy was talkin about and that they would take care of it, last i heard he was ah.. imobilized buy tha state. thats one of my strangest experiences bowhunting public land, idlike to hear all yalls stories so if you ever had a note worthy event happen to you letter rip:)

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Re: strange thangs be hapnin on public land

Post by SlowBow on Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:34 pm

I don't know if you really want to get me started on this topic Very Happy

Heres a quick one from years ago. Opening day of firearms season, heavy hunted area with a guy behind every tree. Fellow dressed in a blaze orange jumpsuit comes walking through right down the middle of an ankle high corn stubble field,carrying a bow, arrow nocked in one hand, binoculars pressed to his face looking down the field in the other.

How about this one. A friend and I show up to hunt a stand we had hung the night before, and theres this fellow sitting in my buddies stand. Swears up and down it's his. My buddy was just about to blow his lid and throw down right there with the guy who refused to come down. So I told my friend to give me his keys,which he did. I told the guy in the stand that if he was so sure it was his, than he wouldn't have a problem with me climbing up and removing the padlock and chain holding it to the tree with the key I had. He came down.Then he sat right at the base of the tree next to that one all morning.

I can go on and on with this topic, with better stories than that. I'll let someone else chime in.

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