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Do Any Habitat Junkies Live Here?

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Do Any Habitat Junkies Live Here?

Post by NanookOdaNorth on Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:37 pm

Anybody else here a member of a Conservation Organization?

I belong to NEPA Ruffed Grouse Society and NEPA Pheasants Forever, and I will soon be joining the Pocono Mountain chapter of NWTF. If there was a QDMA chapter nearby I would probably help them out, as well! There's nothing I'd rather do during the off season than improve some edge cover or plant a few soft mast producing trees!

Do any other wildlife habitat junkies visit PLB???

I let them get close enough so they can hear what I'm thinking about before I shoot!

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Re: Do Any Habitat Junkies Live Here?

Post by crooketarrow on Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:22 am

I hunt on 2 farmers 2 smaller areas and manage a farm in MD and VA. WHICH IS ON EACH SIDE OF THE EASTERN PANDLE OF WV and each are only 10 and 15 min's. I do my own thing joining any group is great I belong to a few but you can do lots yourself, I plant alot more that just solf mass which has it's place and every little bit helps. You can do the same with most on any PL OR NF.
I love to plant poke weeds ,deer browes and eat the grape early. But turkeys love it and it's a late summer and all winter food. Flowering dog wood trees take a few years before it produces seed but another great fall winter turkey food scorce. And are perfect for any mountain land. Same with black cherry tree seeds. Again like dog woods they'll take a few years to start produceing seeds. Along the wild grapes which is a little slower yet.
But with any of these once their there, their there and start to reprduce their own naturally.
Like with poke you have to have some sun light. I also plant rasberries and black berries. To opening or edges. I like to add to whats already there if there no plants there I plant them there. It only takes a little time and work to collect the wild seeds. And there all free areadly around for the takeing.
I'm sure if these plants arn't in your areas there others just look around where your hunting at.
All are super easy to plant, everyyear with those plants start dropeing their seeds I collect and with just a pointly stick in hand make a small hole I always drop a seed or 2 in and close up. Let nature do it's thing. I keep going back everyyear and exspanding my food scorce areas.
Other than the dog woods that likes any woods that has a little share all others need a little sun. All grow good on the edges and openings that have a little sun. Their not only a food scorce up thicken up the areas where deer just love. All produce great food scorces for deer and exspecially turkeys.
My granddad was a turkey hunter and hunted 92 springs. Something he always did long before anyone heard of management or QDM. Just something he taught me to do and I've did with him from a kid up. I still do it ALOT to every where I have hunted and still do the same to the places I hunt now.
It's a NO BRAINER the more and better food scorces you have healther and more population of animals the area can hold. It's far better than doing what 99% of hunters do and just hunt whats there.


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