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BloodBroOutdoors(NextBuk) videos

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BloodBroOutdoors(NextBuk) videos

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:40 pm

If you haven't watched these videos before, you need to. They have 3 videos out currently and they are the most thorough videos I have ever watched. Unlike most videos where they give you the BS line about setting up between food and bedding, these guys show you. They take cameras out to actual hunting locations and show you why they chose that spot. They also show you what those spots look like from aerial photos and topo maps. They show you how to map out entrance and exit routes and how(and when) to scout and area. My favorite part about there videos is that they stress that the key to hunting PUBLIC LAND is hunting where everyone else is not, and that doesn't mean you have to go miles back into the sticks to shoot a deer. The one setup that they shoe in the video is less than 75 yards from a paved road. I really like there hunting marsh country bucks video because the southern half of MN is one large marsh with roads going through it and the northern half is all swamp with roads going through it. There tactics are very aggressive and they way they hunt is a lot of work but the results speak for themselves.


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