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Washington wildlife agency opens Asotin County ranch to public

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Washington wildlife agency opens Asotin County ranch to public

Post by Waiting4Fall on Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:59 am

"We will be forever known, by the tracks we leave behind."- Native American Quote

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Re: Washington wildlife agency opens Asotin County ranch to public

Post by coxral on Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:34 am

Can't open the article but familiar with story, if it's the 4-0 Ranch. Got a nice muley doe just up the mountain from the ranch. Have hunted a few areas AROUND the ranch, tons of critters, you name it! Started hunt'n the Blues in 2004 and missed one year due to work. My buddy and I have done pretty well, 7 elk, 4 deer ( 3 muleys, 1 W.T.), 1 bear, 4 Turkeys, and few grouse. Get'n to be a lot more bow hunters there. Due to being laid off a lot in the last 2 yrs and now off on disability for a couple months now, and at least 1-3 more, I'll prob. stay here on the wet side this year, but ya never know. Bad thing about the area over there is it's cow/spike only, only 1-2 tags per weapon for bulls. And man, there are some BIG BULLS there! Last year had a nice 6x6 at 10 ft! Didn't get a pic til he was 25 yds away! Kept dropping my camera, DOH! Well, I'll stop this before it becomes a book.


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