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First two times in the stand

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First two times in the stand

Post by JAPetry86 on Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:06 pm

In the wake of Storm Sandy, I made my way to the stand Friday evening and Saturday morning for my first two sits of the year in my public land spot. Weather is really starting to cool off here in WV and the moods in the bucks are starting to change I am sure. Got to the stand around 3:30 Friday evening and had deer around me by 4:30. It was nice to have company that early in the evening, just curious to know what would happen as the evening progressed. Hunting in my typical location, with lots of thick cover nearby, on a high point two does and two button bucks fed on acorns around the stand all evening occasionally bedding down up until dark. Just before dark, even seen two does cross the ridge about 100 yards below me. Luckily the deer moved from my stand location on down the ridge to thick cover to bed for the evening I am assuming allowing me to slip out at the edge of dark.

Saturday morning I took stand at the break of day hoping for another eventful day, another doe and button buck made their appearance about 8:00 feeding on acorns and moseying around my stand for about 2 hours. Didn't have the heart to take a doe especially with a button buck yearling by her side, never knowing if she is one of those majestic does that only produce a buck. Seems the stand is in a great location having a nice rub within 30 yards since I put the stand up, plenty of food for the deer to feed on, and thick cover near by to bed and avoid any pressure which might come in the upcoming weeks from the rut or other hunters.

Hopefully in the upcoming days as some of the does I seen come into heat I might catch a buck trailing the does through the area or stopping to feed a little before heading into the thick to try and run out a few does back my way. Good luck everyone hope your enjoying your time in the woods as much as me, and as always be safe.

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