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suggested reading

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suggested reading

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:32 am

Home by the River
Archibald Rutledge

Purification Ceremony
Mark T. Sullivan

The Indian Tipi
Reginald & Gladys Laubin

Ishi & Elvis
Jim Hamm

The Adventures of Fred Bear
Fred Bear Field Notes

Legends of the Longbow series

Best of Traditional Bowhunter

Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers
Jay Massey

The Bowyer's Craft
Jay Massey

A Thousand Campfires
Jay Massey

Longbows in the Far North
Don Thomas

The Witchery of Archery
Maurice Thompson

Bowhunting Rutting Whitetails
Gene Wensel

In Pursuit of Trophy Whitetails
Roger Rothhaar

The Double Helix
Don Thomas

Instinctive Shooting
G. Fred Asbell

In the Heart of the Sea
Nathaniel Philbrick

Bows on the Little Delta
Glenn St. Charles

Backwoods Bucks
David Bickish

Bush Plane Bowman
David Bickish

Bowhunting for Mule deer
Dwight Schuh

Bowhunting for Elk
Dwight Schuh

Bows and Arrows of the Native Americans
Jim Hamm

Hunting the Osage Bow
Dean Torges

The Hot Zone
Richard Preston

Lord of the Flies

Buckskin and Bone (post graduate buck hunting)
Gene Wensel

Once upon a Tine (the crooked hat chronicles)
Barry Wensel

Real World WHITETAIL ICONS in their own words
compiled by Don Higgins

I see some folks posting that are new to bowhunting and some even new to hunting at all. I learned by reading and most of this from the early days of Bowhunter Magazine when MR James was in charge. These are in my library and a few are not bowhunting books.


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Re: suggested reading

Post by Waiting4Fall on Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:57 pm

Great thread Cory!!!

"We will be forever known, by the tracks we leave behind."- Native American Quote

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Re: suggested reading

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:23 pm

and hey speaking about magazines - my favorite is the PBS magazine. Probably most of you have heard of the Professional Bowhunters Society - if you haven't the associate membership is worth it for the magazine alone and there is MUCH more for anyone dedicated to pursuing bowhunting and ethics.

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Re: suggested reading

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:31 pm

Couple a more books.

The Art and Appreciation of Trophy Bowhunting
Bob Kirschner

be expert with Map & Compass
Bjorn Jkellstrom

Hunting the American Wild Turkey
Dave Harbour

Dave Harbours book is not about bowhunting turkeys but the original and the best. He also wrote this book of hunts many of which took place on public land so members here should find it worth reading and owning.

Bob Kirschners book might seem dated by todays standards but I think it is valuable for new hunters to look at how several different successful hunters develop a plan.

Map & Compass. Although we don't even allow folks to hunt with us if they don't have a GPS - map & compass skills are essential to good woodsmanship. Declination - orienteering, bisections - triangulation's - how to work off a map - read maps - confidently traveling accurately Day OR Night - are all covered.


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Re: suggested reading

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