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Shawnee National Forest

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Shawnee National Forest Empty Shawnee National Forest

Post by Jeremy Holden on Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:29 pm

Hello to all, I'm wondering if anyone hunted the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois this past season. I'm looking at buying some property for a small cabin, I live in Illinois and don't want to pay out of state tags fees, and have been thinking that this area may be a good spot. It looks to be rather large though and was wondering what the seer numbers are like. Thanks!


Jeremy Holden

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Shawnee National Forest Empty Re: Shawnee National Forest

Post by hoyt on Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:31 pm

Jeremy, I live in the woods in S. Illinois and walk from my place to Shawnee and hunt almost every day. I moved up here just to deer hunt about 5 yrs ago. I used to come up here from Orlando and hunt every yr for about a decided to move.

Problem is every since I've been here the deer numbers have dropped drastically in this area every yr...anybody that hunts this area will tell you that.

I'm thinking about getting out of Illinois it's so bad..maybe Mo.

There's still plenty of deer in Shawnee and some good ones too, just harder to find. I killed these 3 bucks with my recurves the last 3 yrs and that's it..except for one doe...and one decent one with flintlock. I saw some monster bucks last season..about 18 on one ridge during Nov. 12 thru 14th..all kinda decent bucks on trail cams after season. This yr. nothing to mention.

This season..Shawnee National Forest Pbucket

Last Season..Shawnee National Forest Pbucket

Season before last..Shawnee National Forest Pbucket

And yr before that..with my .58cal. Flintlock..Shawnee National Forest Pbucket


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