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some body else got him..

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some body else got him..

Post by TBurgee on Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:58 am

I dont have a trail camera, so had no clue what the area I hunted held unless I saw it. October 4th i saw a real nice 10 pointer, one of those deer you look at for 3 seconds and know it's a mature deer. well, I didn't necessarily hunt him specifically, but moved everything as close as I could to the area I saw him. and saw him again about 2 weeks later, tearing up trees scraping the ground, but still out of range. I moved again..

sadly my father passed away recently and haven't been able to hunt for the past two weeks. when I get back in the woods, i notice all the sign is old, nothing new, no tracks, and then get a facebook message from a guy who knows a guy, saying he shot a big gnarly racked 10 pointer "by the creek bend" which basically means so close to my stand if I were in it I could spit on him.

on the plus side at the funeral home I watched a nice 9 pointer chase a doe all over the place, dad would have liked to see that.

just thought I'd share my frustration. :-)


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Re: some body else got him..

Post by ftshooter on Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:19 am

Sorry, To hear you lost your Dad. I lost my mom a while back I know how you feel.I have not even seen a nice buck this season so far but, with the rut coming in I am hopeful .You still may get on another one or at least have one pass threw . without any sign I am thinking maybe one will cruze by me or maybe a hot doe will come along with one on her tail..

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