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Hunting/skinning Knifes.....

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Hunting/skinning Knifes.....

Post by ftshooter on Fri Jan 10, 2014 5:17 pm

I ran across a good deal and just wanted to share it with you guys...There is a good line of knifes that are cheap to buy for you working class guys like myself that are very good.. not cheap steel if fact good stuff ..and if you are like me I carry one knife on my side for heavy tasks then one in my pack for skinning /back up...Anyway,, They make a bunch of different kinds from wood carving to bush craft so, look over their line good...carbon steel or their stainless is good as well...I got two carbon and one stainless .They are made in Sweden .I think I have 45.00 in all of them ..I don't want to help any one place that has them but, maybe make sure the site is here in the USA.Look up Mora Knifes on line ..

If you know of some good made Knifes at a good price post them as well..

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