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Destroying Maryland's Deer Herd

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Destroying Maryland's Deer Herd

Post by SlowBow on Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:13 pm

Here are the latest proposals from our DNR. Not only do they propose year round firearms hunting on damage permits, but the legalization of the sale of wild venison. PLEASE, if you are a Maryland hunter, we need everyone to become politically active this year. There is even discussion of a boycott of Maryland hunting license sales this fall if these provision move forwards. But we do have an opportunity to make changes. Our recently elected Republican Governor, Hogan, should be easier to work with than his predecessor who seemed to favor money, and wealthy equestrians. We have several bills to advance more Sunday Hunting in our State house this year. PM if your interested in becoming politically active, even just writing a few letters to your elected representatives. I can help get you started, link you to several good groups fighting the tom foolery coming out of our DNR right now, or just  get you some e-mail addresses for your local representative

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