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Coming In FAST Empty Coming In FAST

Post by SlowBow on Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:44 pm

Time does fly! We open on the 11th this year, and WOW, thats not even a month off now. Think I'm good to get going, and that is a good thing because the weeks seem to go by faster than they used to.

Checked most of my old stand by spots for clear lanes. I have noticed that it is taking me longer to get back to those mile and a half deep spots, so I found a few new spots a little closer to the road that look really hot with sign. One is a spot I should have hunted years ago but skipped it for whatever reasons. Man, looks like a highway of deer heading through there.

Gonna be trying to get the Pope and Young this year again. I let that video series slip by the wayside when I shot the eight a few years ago, want to pick the quest back up. I also have a few other ideas for videos, ones filmed already, just need to top it off with a kill.

Of course, I do plan on spending some time on the private areas with the wife hunting too, that eats more and more of my time every year. Mostly tracking and dragging for the wife, but our freezer took a big dent this year. My son and his gal decided they really like deer meat, plus they are stretching their budget planning an upcoming wedding at the end of next year. Cleaning my freezer out they are. Should have gotten that key back from him when he moved out. J.K. I'm glad he enjoys the venison, and will extract my price in drag assistance this fall when I nail my bruiser way back in there Very Happy

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