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Is kansas worth it?

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Is kansas worth it? Empty Is kansas worth it?

Post by hunterbcp on Sun May 27, 2012 10:43 pm

Has anyone had any success in Kansas? thinking about goin out there but i was wondering if it would even be worth it.


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Is kansas worth it? Empty Re: Is kansas worth it?

Post by TKO on Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:31 pm

I know the op made this query over a year ago but, I thought I'd answer anyway in case in might assist someone else.

i live in Butler County or unit 23. If you look, you will see this unit is one of the most devoid of public hunting areas. Kansas in general has fewer acres of public hunting land than most other states. However, Kansas also has a very healthy deer heard. Make sure you thoroughly research any area you intend to hunt as the terrain can vary from fairly wooded with thick scrub undergrowth in the southeast to rolling hills with wooded creek beds and valleys in the northeast to high desert like mesas around Medicine Lodge to vast, open, treeless grass and agricultural fields in the west and more. 

Don't count on finding private land though. I've lost all but one of my hunting areas to outfitter's who have leased most good private areas. In these economic times, you can't blame the land owners for accepting the lucrative offers made by outfitters and companies like Cabella's and others.

Bottom line, if you do your home work, you should have a very good shot at seeing quite a few deer.


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