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Howdy, from Bedford County, Pennsylvania

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Howdy, from Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Post by George D. Stout on Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:17 am

Old man Stout here from a little valley in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Stopped by for a look-see. I've been an archer, more or less since about 1954 when I made a bow from the lilac tree in front of the house, and some arrows from golden rod in the field next to our home. Amazing how that little bow with a bailer twine string could shoot that arrow into a flock of passing grackles that far in the air. 8^)). I don't recall if I got into trouble with that weapon, but if I didn' was pure accident. I know my first try was a rubber band across my thumb and forefinger, using dads solder for ammunition. You should never shoot the dog with one of those while your mother is looking out the side window.

Anyway, just stopped in to say hello. I mainly shoot for amusement nowadays, though my friends will tell you my archery has been an amusement to them for some decades. I'll hang around awhile and see what comes along. I'll try to behave, but I have never really been very good at that.
George D. Stout

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