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Post by Waiting4Fall on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:31 am

Q- What state do you live in?

A-currently we live on the Ky-In border

Q- How many years have you been bowhunting?

A- at least 35

Q- What is your favorite animal to bowhunt & why?

A- Squerill - they are tough little booggers to shoot...

Q- What is you favorite bowhunting memory?

A- that would take some thought...

Q- What is your favorite wildlife management area to hunt & why?

A- Dun't really have a favorite, just like the challange of Public Land

Q- If you could go on any D.I.Y./PUBLIC LAND bow hunt, what would it be & why?

A- good chance that it would be colorado or wyoming - bull elk or moose, been to the northen country

Q- What is the most useful bowhunting tip you can think of, to share with a new bowhunter?

A- if you ever have to draw your bow with the arrow pointed towards the sky - go home and practice till ya get it right!! call me before you go back into the woods so i know it is safe to hunt

"We will be forever known, by the tracks we leave behind."- Native American Quote

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Re: Miller-TD#2

Post by Miller-TD#2 on Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:36 pm

Thanks, Dave!! Rolling Eyes

I didn't know you were gonna post it, but anywho, maybe I should add some for clarification.

Here's another video, why it won't load is beyond me, when you click on it just do the download then view, it shouldn't save to your system...


I started bow hunting with with my dad when I was about 15, so that shows my age some, Razz He was a good teacher, most of the time we worked as a team in shooting some nice bucks. We got to the point that we agreed that nuthun under 10pt would be shot, we watched as others pulled the yung'uns off Public Land[PL] then went in for the nicer smarter ones. Which ,in some cases proved a really good challange......

We had a new deer target everyyear that I can remember until it got kinda boring, then when squirrelll season started skills were put to the test, ya' either gottem or ya didn't. confused
I got tired of buying arrows so I started to grow some patience, spent less on arrows. Turkey is always fun, get'em close get'em down he would always say.

I would have to say that my best memories would be have been those; hoping to pass them on to my Son, teaching him the wilderness and how to appreciate the finer things that have been supplied from above. Currently he does fairly good w/a compass and map, still need to grow some more patience tho', he can recognize a true scrape from a mock scrape and a fresh rub from an old one, he is able to follow a track but he tends to get sidetracked some in the fields, hopefully he will get a new bow this year and start better-ing(?) his shot placement - we can only hope..... Question ....

The greatest thing that I would want up and coming Bow hunters to learn is first patience, be sure of what you are aiming at and them follow thru, also that any arrow shot towards the sky is dangerous because just when you think you are alone in the woods someone always shows up, if'n ya can't draw safely - then don't draw!!

Hope this helps....


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