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New Tribe evolution saddle

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New Tribe evolution saddle Empty New Tribe evolution saddle

Post by Parkersdad on Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:08 am

I have been trying different saddle systems for a few years now. I have purchased the Guido's web, trophy line tree saddle, New Tribe Aero Hunter, and now the new tribe evolution. Lots of people like the Guido's web but for me it was a little too bulky and too much going on. The trophy line tree saddle and the new tribe aero Hunter were not comfortable enough in my opinion and had pinch points. I have yet to sit in my new tribe evolution for more than one hour but so far I think I have found perfection. The evolution has tons of adjustment where you can move the weight distribution from your back to your butt or your legs. It is basically a saddle with a little small seat built-in made of mesh. To me so far this system looks like it's going to be the perfect system. I also like the fact that the new bridge is adjustable as well as the rope. Just posting information for those of you that like to walk far back in the woods. This may be a new system that you will enjoy. Hope this helps someone


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