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Greetings From Dave Mullins

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Greetings From Dave Mullins

Post by Waiting4Fall on Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:24 pm

Hi, I created this forum, for us like minded folks, who prefer to hunt public land exclusively with archery gear. I live in Charleston, WV, I'm soon to be 43 years old. I only hunt public land with trad gear.

The main purpose of this forum is to provide a central, cyber destination for what seems to be a minority, niche demographic within the hunting community. I'm not going to criticize anyone for his/her chosen **LEGAL** method of making lasting memories afield.

I admit that I'm a hardcore, public land, tradbow extremist, where "THE JOURNEY IS EVERY BIT AS IMPORTANT AS THE DESTINATION!". This is a self imposed standard/limitation, I put upon myself. ALL ARCHERS/BOWHUNTERS ARE WELCOME HERE! That's why I put a longbow & a compound bow in the forum pic. Years ago I grew painfully unfufilled with simply hopping on a 4 wheeler, riding on private land, to go sit over a pile of corn. I knew the deer would be there in about an hour & twelve minutes, because I'd been monitoring them on my game cameras. I prefer to rely on my ability to scout, interpet terrain features as it correlates to animal behavior. I like to use maps, & wait to see what "Gift" THE MOUNTAIN is going to offer me.

So in closing, I'm glad you have chosen to take a look around this forum. I hope you like what you see, & will choose to share some time at our cyber camp fire. In the event that you are a true, hardcore, first one in, ain't afraid to walk two miles one way, in the stand an hour before sunrise, & will sit til sunset if necessary type of bowhunter. To you I say welcome my brother/my sister, I made this forum for folks JUST LIKE YOU! - Dave Mullins Admin/Mod

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