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a new "apache" style tab using buffalo...

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a new "apache" style tab using buffalo...

Post by wandering monk on Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:05 am

I was working on some items for shooting and decided to try out a new shooting tab from some buffalo hide I had...I used to manage a buffalo ranch in Colorado, so Buffalo meat and hides were sort of a perc working there..

Buffalo leather is reknowned for its durability, its the leather used in the loop on any good quality lariat used for roping since its so darn durable.

I shoot three fingers old tabs are starting to show some wear and tear, so I decided to try a "fur on" with some of the buff I have...I took a piece of a tanned hide from the under belly area, with shorter fur.

I traced out my size tab, actually I made up several to give to some friends or my Son etc...the fur changes direction, which should be noticed so the tab works the way I wanted to...(folding away from the string)

here are a few pics of the project...since this hide is so thick I did not have to double it up at all like I do with tabs from Elk or Deer...its soft & supple, yet very thick...

laying out the tabs with the fur direction...

a sharp exacto is all thats needed...

some tabs have a little flap on them on the rear of the opening for your finger...I like them I have some big fingers and hands...this is something that you have to play with to get the custom fit...

ready to shoot!

some of the nicest people I ever knew...I had about 75 I cared for...last season I had 5 calves over 500 lbs...something I was very proud of...they were sold at the stock show in Denver...

I always said they only had one bad day in their life!!!

ted/wandering monk
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